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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

Welcome to Team Graczak – where our journey in the mortgage industry is as much about our clients as it is about us. We’re Ken and Stephanie Graczak, a husband-and-wife duo with a shared passion for helping families achieve their dreams of homeownership through responsible and informed lending.

Our Beginnings

Our story began in the bustling mortgage sector, where I, Ken, have spent over two decades honing my craft. Born from humble beginnings in Laramie, WY, I’ve always viewed my role as more than just a loan officer. To me, it’s about being a wealth advisor, a guide who helps navigate the often complex path to homeownership. This vision propelled me to become a Certified Mortgage Advisor, recognized repeatedly for my commitment to client satisfaction.

Stephanie, with her keen understanding of customer service and an innate ability to connect with people, brings a complementary set of skills to our team. Her insight into client needs and market dynamics enriches our approach, making Team Graczak a well-rounded and empathetic advisor in the mortgage industry.

Our Evolution

Together, we embarked on this journey to create something more than a service – we wanted to build a community. A community where first-time buyers, seasoned investors, and every client in between can feel supported and empowered. Our move to forming Team Graczak is a leap towards realizing this dream.

Our Future

Looking ahead, we see Team Graczak as a beacon of trust and excellence in the mortgage industry. Our commitment goes beyond just securing loans. It’s about fostering long-term relationships, educating our clients, and helping them grow their net worth responsibly. We’re not just facilitating transactions; we’re laying the foundations for futures.

Join Us on Our Journey

As we continue to grow and evolve, our focus remains steadfast – to serve our clients with integrity, expertise, and a personal touch. Whether you’re just starting on your homeownership journey or looking to expand your investment portfolio, Team Graczak is here to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s embark on this exciting path together – towards a future where your homeownership dreams become a reality.

Warm regards,
Ken & Stephanie Graczak

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Ken Graczak – NMLS#184394 – Mortgage Broker – CFR Mortgage
State Licensing : FL LIC#LO40715 I MN LIC # MN-MLO-184394 I WI LIC #184394

8120 Penn Ave S, Suite 100C, Bloomington, MN 55431

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